Social Media in emergency management

A new ISO standard gives guidance on the right way to keep people informed in a crisis.

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For many organizations and businesses, social media is a valuable opportunity to reach out to the people that matter to them. The speed with which information can be made available also means that social platforms are an invaluable way to give updates in an emergency.

Unfortunately, the wrong kind of information can spread just as rapidly, with potentially disastrous consequences. For challenging situations that demand effective communication, guidance is now available from ISO 22329, Security and resilience – Emergency management – Guidelines for the use of social media in emergencies, the latest International Standard from the ISO technical committee entrusted with these questions.

The new International Standard is a game changer when it comes to making the best use of the wide range of platforms available today and getting the right information to people at the right time.

Social media is the first place that many people go when they need information or they need to let people know what’s happening in their lives. In a crisis, it’s essential to make sure that the information can be relied upon.

As well as giving guidance on the use of social media in emergency management, the new ISO standard also helps organizations and the public to effectively use, and interact through, social media before, during and after an incident. It also covers the ways in which social media can support the work of emergency services.

ISO 22329:2021
Security and resilience
Emergency management

Guidelines for the use of social media in emergencies

ISO 22329 can be used by anyone involved in emergency management and crisis communication, including governmental and non-governmental organizations and businesses. It was developed by ISO technical committee ISO/TC 292Security and resilience, whose secretariat is held by SIS, ISO’s member for Sweden. The standard can be purchased from your national ISO member or the ISO Store.

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