IoT standards ensure device interoperability, data security, and user privacy, supporting the seamless integration of smart technologies into daily life.


The circular economy: building trust through conformity assessment
Standards and conformity assessment provide assurance on aspects of the circular economy including product lifetime and recyclability, safety and efficiency.
Smart farming: the transformative potential of data-driven agriculture
Smart farming and precision agriculture leverage technologies like agricultural drones, robotics, IoT sensors, GPS and farm management information systems to improve production efficiency.
Close-up of rear-area video camera on car dashboard, with view of driver’s hand on steering wheel.

Cybersecurity in cars

New standard just published to help keep the hackers at bay.

Top standards

ISO/IEC 30179:2023
Internet of Things (IoT)
Overview and general requirements of IoT system for ecological environment monitoring
ISO/IEC 27400:2022
IoT security and privacy


ISO/IEC 30169:2022
Internet of Things (IoT)
IoT applications for electronic label system (ELS)