International Standards help companies ensure that their products align with principles like durability, reusability, upgradability, or repairability. They foster consumer trust in shared, recycled, repaired or upcycled goods and components as well as relevant services, and enable collaboration between economic partners. 


The circular economy: building trust through conformity assessment
Standards and conformity assessment provide assurance on aspects of the circular economy including product lifetime and recyclability, safety and efficiency.
Smart farming: the transformative potential of data-driven agriculture
Smart farming and precision agriculture leverage technologies like agricultural drones, robotics, IoT sensors, GPS and farm management information systems to improve production efficiency.
Embracing net zero: a crucial step towards a sustainable future
Achieving net-zero carbon emissions is not just an environmental imperative; it also presents significant opportunities for organizations of all sizes.

Top standards

ISO 59010
Circular economy
Guidance on the transition of business models and value networks
ISO 59004
Circular economy
Vocabulary, principles and guidance for implementation
ISO 59020
Circular economy
Measuring and assessing circularity performance