ISO 14405-3:2016
ISO 14405-3:2016
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This part of ISO 14405 establishes the default specification operator for angular size and defines a number of special specification operators for features of angular size: cone (truncated, i.e. frustum, or not), wedge (truncated or not), two opposite straight lines (intersection of a wedge/truncated wedge and a plane perpendicular to the intersection straight line of the two planes of the wedge/truncated wedge, intersection of a cone/frustum and a plane containing the axis of revolution of the cone/frustum). See Figure 1 and Figure 2.

This part of ISO 14405 also defines the specification modifiers and the drawing indications for these angular sizes.

This part of ISO 14405 covers the following angular sizes:

—    local angular size:

—    angular size between two lines;

—    portion angular size;

—    global angular size:

—    direct global angular size:

—    least squares angular size;

—    minimax angular size;

—    rank order angular size/indirect global angular size:

—    maximum angular size;

—    minimum angular size;

—    average angular size;

—    range of angular sizes;

—    mid-range angular size;

—    median angular size;

—    standard deviation of angular size.

This part of ISO 14405 defines the meaning of tolerances of angular sizes indicated as

—    + and/or - limit deviations, e.g. 0°/-0,5°, or

—    indicated with upper limit of size (ULS) and/or lower limit of size (LLS), e.g. 35° max. or 15° min., 34°/36°,

—    with or without modifiers.

This part of ISO 14405 provides a set of tools to express several types of angular size characteristics. It does not give any information on the relationship between a function or a use and an angular size characteristic.

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  •  : Опубликовано
     : 2016-12
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  •  : ISO/TC 213 Dimensional and geometrical product specifications and verification
  •  :
    17.040.10 Limits and fits

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