ISO 22915-10:2008
ISO 22915-10:2008
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ISO 22915 deals with the safety of industrial trucks, as defined in ISO 5053, relative to their stability and the verification of that stability. For the purposes of ISO 22915, industrial trucks are wheeled, self‑propelled or pedestrian‑propelled vehicles, excepting those running on rails. They are either operator‑controlled or driverless and designed to carry, tow, push, lift, stack or tier in racks.

ISO 22915-10:2008 specifies an additional test for verifying the stability of a laden truck fitted with a powered load-handling device, such as a sideshift, which can displace the centre of gravity to a substantial, predetermined extent from the longitudinal centre plane of the truck. Such devices are used in that mode for depositing and retrieving a load with the mast vertical or raised to maximum boom angle and extension.

A displacement is considered to be a substantial displacement if it is more than 100 mm, for a truck with a rated capacity less than 5 000 kg, 150 mm, for a truck with a rated capacity greater than or equal to 5 000 kg and less than or equal to 10 000 kg, 250 mm, for a truck with a rated capacity greater than 10 000 kg and less than 20 000 kg, 350 mm, for a truck with a rated capacity greater than or equal to 20 000 kg.

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  •  :  Published
     : 2008-06
  •  : 1
  •  : ISO/TC 110/SC 2 Safety of powered industrial trucks
  •  :
    53.060 Industrial trucks

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