ISO 11844-1:2006
ISO 11844-1:2006

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ISO11844-1:2006 deals with the classification of low corrosivity of indoor atmospheres.

The aim of ISO11844-1:2006 is to characterise indoor atmospheric environments of low corrosivity that can affect metals and metallic coatings during storage, transport, installation or operational use, to set a consistent way of indoor corrosivity classification, and to prescribe procedures for derivation and estimation of indoor corrosivity categories.

ISO11844-1:2006 specifies technical metals, whose corrosion attack after a defined exposure period is used for determination of corrosivity categories of indoor atmospheres of low corrosivity.

ISO11844-1:2006 defines corrosivity categories of indoor atmospheres according to corrosion attack on standard specimens.

ISO11844-1:2006 indicates important parameters of indoor atmospheres that can serve as a basis for an estimation of indoor corrosivity.

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     : 2006-03
    : Отмена международного стандарта [95.99]
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  • ISO/TC 156
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