Good Standardization Practices (GSP)
Титульный лист: Good Standardization Practices (GSP)
Good Standardization Practices (GSP)

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The ISO publication on Good Standardization Practices (GSP) is based on applying the concept of a “value chain” to a national standards body (NSB) that identifies its core activities, i.e. the operations the NSB has to perform to develop and publish standards and the support activities which describe the infrastructure and resources that should be available in an NSB to enable it to operate the essential core-activities effectively and efficiently. A diagnostic tool has been developed as part of the publication to enable an NSB to review and evaluate its current situation and performance and can be utilised to identify the solutions that are appropriate for an NSB to comply with GSP.

Note: The ISO GSP diagnostic tool can be downloaded through the URL link mentioned on page 170 of the publication.

Good Standardization Practices (GSP)

Good Standardization Practices (GSP)
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