ICS Поле
97.020 Home economics in general
Including consumer information
Washing, cleaning and removal services, смотри03.080.30
Ventilators, air-conditioners, смотри23.120
Hand-held electric tools, смотри25.140.20
Household electronic appliances, смотри33.160
Clocks and watches, смотри39.040
Household sewing machines, смотри61.080
97.030 Domestic electrical appliances in general
Including water-bed heaters and electric blankets
97.040 Kitchen equipment
97.060 Laundry appliances
Including washing-machines, dry-cleaners, driers, ironing and pressing appliances, etc.
97.080 Cleaning appliances
Including vacuum cleaners, floor-cleaning machines, floor polishers, steam cleaners, pressure cleaners, hand operated cleaners, etc.
97.100 Domestic, commercial and industrial heating appliances
Including thermal storage room heating appliances
Burners and boilers, смотри27.060
Central heating systems, смотри91.140.10
97.120 Automatic controls for household use
97.130 Shop fittings
97.140 Furniture
Including upholstery, mattresses, office furniture, school furniture, etc.
97.145 Ladders
97.150 Floor coverings
97.160 Home textiles. Linen
Including duvets, blankets, bedding
Electric blankets, смотри97.030
97.170 Body care equipment
Including hair-driers, razors, shavers, toothbrushes, massage appliances, radiation skin treatment appliances, etc.
97.180 Miscellaneous domestic and commercial equipment
Including scissors, aquarium equipment, articles for domestic animals, battery chargers, mops, insect electrocutors, lighters, matches, paper clips, pens, pencils, etc.
97.190 Equipment for children
Including child safety requirements for other household equipment
Children's furniture, смотри97.140
Playgrounds, смотри97.200.40
Toys, смотри97.200.50
97.195 Items of art and handicrafts. Cultural property and heritage
Including conservation of collections and equipment and materials for creating items of art and handicrafts
97.200 Equipment for entertainment
Audio and video systems, смотри33.160
Photography, смотри37.040
Cinematography, смотри37.060
97.220 Sports equipment and facilities
Leisure and tourism services, смотри03.200
Motorcycles, смотри43.140
Cycles, смотри43.150