ICS Поле
91.010 Construction industry
91.020 Physical planning. Town planning
91.040 Buildings
91.060 Elements of buildings
Foundations, смотри 93.020
91.080 Structures of buildings
Including design, loading on and calculation of structures
91.090 External structures
Including fences, gates, arches, sheds, garages, etc.
91.100 Construction materials
Including sustainability of construction materials
Iron and steel products, смотри 77.140
Products of non-ferrous metals, смотри 77.150
Sawn timber, смотри 79.040
Wood-based panels, смотри 79.060
Glass, смотри 81.040.20
Plastics products, смотри 83.140
91.120 Protection of and in buildings
Emergencies in buildings, смотри 13.200
Fire protection, смотри 13.220.20
Fire resistance of building materials and elements, смотри 13.220.50
Alarm and warning systems, смотри 13.320
91.140 Installations in buildings
Burners and boilers for industrial purposes, смотри 27.060
Heat pumps, смотри 27.080
91.160 Lighting
Including oil and gas lamps
Theatre, stage and studio lighting equipment, смотри 97.200.10
91.180 Interior finishing
Paint coating processes, смотри 87.020
91.190 Building accessories
Including locks, buzzers, bells, bolts, door and window hardware, etc.
91.200 Construction technology
Including measuring methods, construction sites, demolition of structures, etc.
91.220 Construction equipment
Including scaffolding, mixers for concrete and mortar, etc.
Lifting equipment, смотри 53.020
Earth-moving machinery, смотри 53.100