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The Somali Bureau of Standards (SoBS) is a national standards body established by an ACT of parliament, "the Somali Standards and Quality Control ”, Lr27 of the Laws of the Republic of Somalia, and became operational in early 2020.

The Somali Bureau of Standards oversees and regulates the quality standards for products imported, exported, manufactured, and used in Somalia.

The Somali Bureau of Standards has the following mandate:

  • To establish policies, by-laws, procedures, and standards in accordance with the law aimed at measuring the quality of food and commodities used in the country. Investigate and ensure that food and other imported goods do not carry risks and dangers that may damage the public.
  • Develop standards and measures to prevent the health effects of expired foods and medicines, as well as lower quality foods and medicines, or those whose quality has been deliberately reduced, on society.
  • Ensure the quality of the domestic product to safeguard the health and financial well-being of the Somali people.
  • Manage the process of license provision for the quality control companies operating in the Federal Republic of Somalia.
  • Establish a national laboratory to check the quality of imported and exported goods and materials.
  • Provide quality improvement certificates and quality marks. Increase public awareness of quality control and standards.

The Somali Bureau of Standards is administered by a diversified Board of Directors made up of representatives from various ministries, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Agency's Director and Deputy Director.

Somali Bureau of Standards

Somali Bureau of Standards
Via Kamalu din, Boondheere District
P.O. Box 67
BN03010 Mogadishu

Tel: +252 61 0742473

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