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The ZABS specializes in standardization, quality assurance, metrology and testing.

Its vision is: "The Zambia Bureau of Standards in partnership with its stakeholders will be the leader in the transformation of Zambian products and services into world class quality for National prosperity."

Its role can be summarized as:

  • to prepare Zambian Standards and to promote their use;
  • to make arrangements or to provide facilities for the examination and testing of commodities, materials and substance from which commodities may be manufactured, processed, treated or finished;
  • to provide quality control and quality assurance schemes for commodities in order to promote and improve trade;
  • to coordinate the efforts of producers and consumers in the improvement of appliances, processes, new materials and products;
  • to provide training and consultancy in standardization, quality management and quality assurance; and
  • to establish metrological laboratories and other testing laboratories.

Zambia Bureau of Standards

Lechwe House
Freedomway - South End
P.O. Box 50259, ZA 15101, Ridgeway

Tel: +260 21 1 23 13 85
Fax: +260 21 1 23 84 83

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