ICS Field
55.020 Packaging and distribution of goods in general
55.040 Packaging materials and accessories
Including wrappers, paper, films, foils, cords, sealing devices, cushioning, etc.
Adhesive tapes for general purposes, see83.180
55.060 Spools. Bobbins
Including holders, supports, etc. for externally wound or mounted material
Photographic and cinematographic film rolls, cores, spools, reels, etc., see37.040.20
Photographic and cinematographic film rolls, cores, spools, reels, etc., see37.060.20
Cones, tubes, beams, etc. for textile materials, see59.120.20
55.080 Sacks. Bags
Including sachets, envelopes
55.100 Bottles. Pots. Jars
Small containers for liquids and their closures
Containers for transfusion use, see11.040.20
Containers for pharmaceutical preparations, see11.120.99
55.120 Cans. Tins. Tubes
Light gauge metal and plastics containers
55.130 Aerosol containers
55.140 Barrels. Drums. Canisters
Containers mainly for transportation of fluids, including also casks, pails, large tin cans for shipping materials, etc.
Fluid storage devices, see23.020
55.160 Cases. Boxes. Crates
Containers for solid goods or objects and bulk materials
55.180 Freight distribution of goods
55.200 Packaging machinery
Including labelling, marking, branding, filling, sealing machines, etc.
55.220 Storing. Warehousing
Storage equipment, see53.080
55.230 Distribution and vending machines
Including distribution of tickets, food, beverages, tobacco products, etc.