ISO/AWI 20435
ISO/AWI 20435

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This document establishes a DLT agnostic architecture for physical assets using NFTs which includes:  An algorithmic data method for generating decentralized identifiers (DIDs) from physical assets with immutable unique identifiers, such as serial numbers.  Processes for utilizing off-chain trust anchors, to establish proof of real-world human and machine generated events and information, that tie a real-world asset to its digital representation.  A DID method scheme to enable DID Registry interoperability, so the Digital Representation can be stored, resolved, or transferred to any compliant DID Registry. This document is applicable to...  Serialized physical assets with unique immutable identifiers, such as serial numbers.  The systems, machines, organizations, and natural persons that process them. This document is not applicable to...  Fungible assets and non-serialized, non-fungible assets (unique assets without immutable identifiers).  Digital assets and identifiable bundles of assets  Any specific DID method, blockchain / DLT protocol, or NFT standard.

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