ICS Ámbito
13.030.01 Wastes in general
13.030.10 Solid wastes
13.030.20 Liquid wastes. Sludge
Sewage water disposal and treatment, consulte 13.060.30
13.030.30 Special wastes
Including radioactive wastes, hospital wastes, carcasses, electrical, electronic equipment and other hazardous wastes
13.030.40 Installations and equipment for waste disposal and treatment
Including street cleaning equipment, waste containers, incineration and compaction equipment, equipment for dumping of refuse, landfill sites, etc.
Waste collection vehicles, consulte 43.160
Waste chutes, consulte 91.140.70
Food waste disposal units, consulte 97.040.50
13.030.50 Recycling
Including relevant equipment
Motor vehicle recycling, consulte 43.020
13.030.99 Other standards related to wastes
Including waste prevention